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Dominoe came to live with us
 in May of 2000, He
came as a poor fightend pup
who had been caged for the first 5
months of his life..
 He had NO muscle tone
and was affraid of

This is our first picture of him..

We rescued him from  a bad
situation and he needed us just as
much as we needed him..
We had just lost our
Beloved Abbey, and
our hearts were broken.
He has certainly brought
many smiles to our faces
each and every day !!

Check out those white eyelashes :-)

He is ALL Dalmatian,
Always on the go !!

Our Dominoe

He had the honor of
being Dog Of The Day


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Alone and frightened, He sits and waits,
Not  ever knowing love..
He longs for kindness .. a gentle word,
or blessings from above..
This way of life is all he knows,
A sad and fightened pup..
Then a woman comes for him,
she kindly picks him up...
He can't believe how good it feels,
He's glad to go with her..
She speaks to him with such kind words,
and gently strokes his fur..
He's finally got his family,
How he's waited for this day..
He is one of the lucky ones,
This rescue's home to stay.....

By:  Vickie Squires ©


It may take extra time to
prepare your rescue
for all the new
things he will experience,
But what he will give
back to you in return
can NOT be explained !
They each have that
Special way of looking
at you, and KNOW you
have rescued them !


~~ Until We Extend The Circle Of Compassion To ALL Living Things, We Will Not Ourselves Find Peace~~
                       ~Dr. Albert Schweitzer~

Our Dominoe was Bitten by a Copperhead Snake on August 14th.. He is doing fine now, Thanks to our Wonderful Vet, Dr. Michael Boyd..He is one of the few still around who  are available  anytime needed, just a phone call to the exchange and he calls right back..Then we met him at his office...
Dominoe was bitten on the nose and his whole head and neck swelled.. Our other dog McGwire was bitten last year and  it took her a good 6 weeks to get over it..We had a different Vet then, but she  also got prompt care.. Copperhead venom is very toxic, but usually not deadly..They are mostly concerned with all the bacteria also injected with the bite from the snake..and the trouble it can cause..Many antibiotics are given along with steroids to help with the swelling.. Dr. Boyd also gave Dominoe a large injection of B-12 vitamin, along with many other things..I would say within 1 week Dominoe was pretty much back to his normal self.. Compared to the 6 weeks it took for McGwire last year..Don't really know what kind of Injection she received, but she just received the one large one and she is a smaller dog ....we did not actually see her get bitten like we did Dominoe, so it could of been a bigger snake any rate hope they have both learned to keep their noses out of places they don't belong, and we are thankful things turned out well for both of them..
          GOOD OL' COUNTRY LIFE !!!!

Dominoe has a scar from his snake bite, the skin actually died and he is left with  a black line on his muzzle down from the bottom puncture wound..

You can see the black line & top puncture wound
in this picture..